Aluminum Recycling

After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the most abundant element on earth and the most abundant naturally occurring metal. While this metal is easy to find, it is extremely rare to find it in its pure form due to it being highly reactive with oxygen. Almost all manufactured aluminum is used as an alloy and is commonly combined with zinc, copper, silicon, magnesium, and manganese.

Aside from being extremely versatile, aluminum presents a unique opportunity for those businesses that use it in manufacturing. Recycling aluminum only requires about 5% of the energy required to extract it from ore. Also, aluminum is potentially fully recyclable. These two aspects of the aluminum lifecycle make it an extremely valuable recyclable. Over 75% of the aluminum that has been produced in the United States is still used today.

The demand for aluminum may not be as high as it once was during WWII but the need to recycle is still present.

Why not spend the effort and time to seek out the best method for recycling your scrap aluminum?

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