All Ferrous Grades Recycling

To simplify things a little bit, ferrous metals are any metals or alloys that contain iron (Fe on the periodic table). Common metals that fall into this category are mild, carbon and stainless steel, cast iron and wrought iron. The most appealing characteristic of these types of metal is their extremely high tensile strength, which is especially valued in construction. The tallest buildings and longest bridges rely on the strength and durability of mild steel. While ferrous metals are used for countless things, a few of the most common uses are housing, industrial containers, large-scale piping, automobile frames, railroads, tools, and knives.

When it comes to the production of ferrous metals and alloys, a large amount of carbon is required for most, which makes it vulnerable to rusting (oxidation). But wrought iron (pure iron content) is resistant to rusting like stainless steel. Aside from the strength and rust-resistant properties, ferrous metals are often magnetic, which makes them especially useful in motors and electrical motors.

The supply of recycled ferrous metals comes from two sources: obsolete and prompt. Obsolete ferrous scrap is generated from junked cars, steel structures, appliances and others. Prompt scrap comes from the manufacturing process of the items listed above. Steel and iron are the most recycled materials in the world each year due to the vast amount of sources. With that being said, only about 30 percent of all metals are recycled each year despite the fact that almost all metals can be fully recycled without losing their qualities or properties.

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