Copper Recycling

We provide Copper Recycling

Copper is an extremely versatile element due to its extremely ductile nature, ability to conduct heat and electricity and its malleability. We have used copper, perhaps, longer than any other metal. A copper pendant that dates back to 8700 B.C. was found in present-day Iraq that proves copper has been around for a long time. When it comes to the value of copper, it holds nearly the same value of new copper making it an extremely desirable material to be recycled.

According to estimates, nearly 5.8 trillion pounds of copper exist, but less than 1 trillion pounds have been mined throughout history. One of the most resilient qualities of copper is that it has an infinite recyclable life. Each year, roughly 70% of the copper used in the US comes from recycled copper scrap. The demand for recycled copper is high, and the market price reflects it because recycled scrap usually goes for about 95% of the price of newly mined ore.

Having access to the best market prices for recycled copper is an important aspect for a commercial recycling company to offer because when it comes to running a business, keeping costs as low as possible helps increase the chances of success. At Consolidated Resources, Inc., we can provide your business the solutions it needs to handle every step of your copper recycling process.