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Elevate Your Business with Sustainable Solutions: Nickel Alloy Recycling in Chandler, Arizona

At Consolidated Resources Inc., we pride ourselves on being the beacon of innovation in nickel alloy recycling. Situated in the vibrant city of El Mirage, Arizona and serving all of Phoenix and Chandler, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way […]

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Turning Waste into Wealth: Tungsten Carbide Industrial Recycling in Phoenix, Arizona

Welcome to Consolidated Resources Inc., your premier partner for industrial recycling. Located in El Mirage, Arizona, and servicing all of Phoenix, we are dedicated to transforming the way industries manage their tungsten carbide waste. With over two decades of expertise, […]

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Why Recycle Commercial Scrap Steel?

Steel is one of the most common metals currently used around the world.  Even though steel typically doesn’t get a lot of money in return, it’s incredibly important to recycle.  Manufacturers in the Phoenix area can greatly benefit from recycling […]

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Recycling Non-Ferrous Metals – Info for Businesses

If you work for an industrial or manufacturing business in Maricopa County, chances are you have produced some sort of non-ferrous scrap metals on the job.  Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron.  These include lead, zinc, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, […]

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Earth Day 2023: Recycle Your Industrial Scrap Metals For Earth Day!

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste in the U.S. was created in 2018 which equals approximately 4.9 pounds per person per day.  Of the waste generated, just about 69 million tons were […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling and Sustainability

Does your industrial Phoenix business recycle its scrap metal?  If so, you’re choosing to make a sustainable business decision.  Perhaps your business uses recycled metals for its manufactured products, utilizes clean energy sources, low emission delivery services, or prides itself […]

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How to Choose an Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Are you looking to recycle scrap metal for your Phoenix-based manufacturing business? Recycling scrap metal is beneficial for your business, the economy, and the environment.   CRI specializes in scrap metal recycling for industrial and manufacturing businesses throughout Maricopa County.  […]

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Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling and a Circular Economy in Phoenix

Did you know that 60% of the copper produced since the 1900’s is still in use?  This means metal recycling is really paying off!  In order to contribute to a circular economy, practices like industrial scrap metal recycling are crucial, […]

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Growth in Manufacturers Within the Greater Phoenix Region

Becoming a growing hub for manufacturing employment and operations, greater Phoenix has approximately 140,375 employees and 3,500 manufacturing businesses.  The region is expected to increase 8% by 2026. Why Manufacturers Choose Maricopa County in Phoenix There are three main reasons […]

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steel scrap metal marcopia coutny

Maricopa County Steel Recycling 101

Does your Maricopa County manufacturing business create excess scrap metal?  If you aren’t doing so already, it may be time for scrap metal recycling.  Why Recycle Steel Scrap Metal? Recycling can benefit your business financially as well as lower your […]

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