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Integrity, Service & Innovation

Consolidated Resources Incorporated leads the way in commercial and industrial recycling. We have been proudly serving the Arizona manufacturing community since 1990. Unwavering INTEGRITY, exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE, and consistent INNOVATION form the cornerstone of our business.

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We specialize in industrial & commercial metal recycling throughout Maricopa county.

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Paper, glass, electronics, & other non-metal recycling services are also offered to our customers.

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Van, Flatbed, Roll-off & Bins

We stage the containers you desire & transport them with our own fleet of trucks to provide you with the best value.

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Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

"[CRI] has assembled an amazing group of folks, quick to respond and very attentive to our needs."
~ D.C.

"CRI takes great pride in being honest and fair.
Not easy to find in this industry."
~ K.C.

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A Focus On Professional Service

Consolidated Resources Incorporated built it's reputation by providing customers with unmatched customer service, and we believe that is what has allowed us to grow to where we are today. We understand every manufacturing environment is unique and tailor your recycling program to your specific needs.

We offer high-quality storage bins, safe and experienced drivers, accurate weights and material grading, detailed reports and timely payment. We support your recycling requirements, allowing you to focus resources on your core business.

We Design CUSTOM Recycling Solutions

Comprehensive recycling solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, is what sets CRI apart. We offer wide-ranging recycling programs and are experts in handling special projects – such as obsolete equipment, over-sized loads and many more. We are very responsive to customer needs and handle scrap recycling programs with precision, integrity, and transparency.

With our extensive fleet of trucks we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to service needs.

And at no cost to our customers, we offer and provide an assortment of quality containers for all recycling needs. From our dispatcher to our drivers, and everyone in-between, professional customer service and recycling solutions is our top priority. At CRI we understand that scrap is a valuable asset. Our primary objective is to help our industrial partners effectively manage that asset, enabling you to focus on your primary work.

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