Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Bapchule

The exceptional services of Consolidated Resources, Inc. can handle all of Bapchule’s commercial and industrial recycling needs. No longer will your business’s recycling requirements be put on the back burner because your recycling needs are our number one priority. We proudly offer customized solutions to fit even the most unique or complex recycling needs.

Metals Recycling in the City of Bapchule

Do you know what materials are recyclable within your business? Maybe it is time to reevaluate the waste that your company produces and see how recycling can the environment thrive. While New River does offer residential recycling, that doesn’t help with the needs of your business. Some materials that are readily accepted and encouraged by Consolidated Resources, Inc. include Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and even wood.

CRI Facts Bapchule

Consolidated Resources, Inc. facts- Did you know that Consolidated Resources, Inc. handles more than 9 million pounds of recyclable metal each month? This includes aluminum, stainless, nickel, steel, brass, copper, and zinc.  CRI ensures that you get the best price for recycling your valuable metals.

Customized Business Recycling Programs in Bapchule

Whether your company needs waste management or a solution storing and recycling wood and plastics, Consolidated Resources, Inc. can provide a customized solution. We offer custom-tailored roll-off containers to fit any size specification that your business needs.  We also provide pick-up and drop off schedules that work for your company’s schedule. Contact Consolidated Resources, Inc. today to learn about all our services and the materials we handle.

Are you a new Resident to Bapchule?

Welcome to Bapchule! There are plenty of things to do to keep you, your friends and your family entertained. Here are some great things to do around town.


  • Mystery Castle – Historical Building
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Hole-in-the-Rock – Hiking Destination
  • Goldfield Ghost Town
  • Stellar Adventures


  • The Wild Vine Uncorked
  • Tryst Cafe Chandler
  • Mama Thai Kitchen
  • BeCeKitchen
  • Johnny’s Greek & Burger Bar
  • Ginger Monkey Tavern