Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Estrella Village

At Consolidated Resources, Inc. we are committed to providing the great state of Arizona with comprehensive commercial and industrial recycling solutions. Locally owned and operated, Consolidated Resources, Inc. outs an emphasis on recycling as is important to our communities, our state, and our environment. For nearly three decades, CRI has provided exceptional commercial and industrial recycling solutions for cities around Phoenix.

Business Recycling Plans in Estrella Village

Estrella Village provides a wonderful residential recycling program, but when it comes to the needs of businesses, many do not know where to turn. Consolidated Resources, Inc. knows the recycling industry and will make your business’s recycling needs a priority. Scrap metals, plastic, and even wood are readily accepted and encouraged by Consolidated Resources, Inc.

Electronic Waste Facts Estrella Village

Electronic waste facts- Did you know that nearly 40 millions tons of electronic waste are generated each year? Only 12.5% of all electronic waste is recycled, which means there is a large opportunity for an impact to be made. Whether you run a tech company or are looking to update a line of electronics, choosing to recycle is just one way to help reduce e-waste that ends up in landfills.

Commercial and Industrial Customized Business Solutions

Consolidated Resources, Inc. prides ourselves on providing excellent customer service and meeting all of your needs. From custom-built recycling containers to flexible scheduling, CRI provides comprehensive recycling for all types of commercial and industrial businesses. Contact us today to learn about the materials we handle and how we can meet your needs.

New to the Estrella Village Area?

If you have just moved to Estrella Village we are happy to call you a neighbor! There is plenty to do in the Estrella Village community so you never have to worry about being bored. Here are some suggestions from us.


  • Tres Rios Wetlands Hayfield Site
  • Heard Museum
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Encanto Park
  • Arizona Capitol Museum


  • La Canasta Mexican Restaurant
  • Filiberto’s
  • Pizza Patron
  • Las Tres Potrancas