Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Fort McDowell

Since 1990, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been leading the solution for businesses in Fort McDowell and around the Valley that rely on commercial and industrial recycling. Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been custom tailoring recycling programs to fit local businesses ’ exact needs.

Large-Scale Business Recycling in Fort McDowell

While Fort McDowell offers recycling for residents and small-scale companies, what about your business’s commercial recycling needs? The list of items that the city can accept is rather small and does little to address the needs of commercial or industrial businesses. But what is your business supposed to do with large metal sheets or scrap glass?

Customized Recycling Solutions in Fort McDowell

At Consolidated Resources, Inc., we proudly offer the very best recycling solutions to our customers. We offer customized roll-off boxes to meet any business’s demand. And once your business’s roll-off box is full, we take care of the rest from pick-up and drop to weighing and pricing. Look no further than Consolidated Resources, Inc. for all of your commercial and industrial recycling needs. Contact us today to learn how Consolidated Resources, Inc. can solve your recycling problems.

Are you a Newcomer to Fort McDowell?

We welcome any newcomers to the area with open arms and we know you are going to love it here. There’s a lot to do here so please check out our recommendations below!


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  • Fountain Park
  • River of Time Museum
  • Fort McDowell Casino


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  • Flapjacks
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