Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In North Mountain Village

For nearly three decades, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has served clients from various industries and provide the same exceptional service to each one. At Consolidated Resources, Inc. we are committed to providing the great state of Arizona with comprehensive commercial and industrial recycling solutions.  Locally owned and operated throughout Phoenix, we make sure your business’s recycling needs are CRI’s priority.

Business Recycling Solutions in North Mountain Village

While North Mountain Village offers a great recycling program, it’s really only beneficial for residential purposes. If your business generates large amounts of metal scraps, glass, or even aerospace alloys, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has you covered. We accept a large number of recyclable materials on a commercial scale.

Electronic Waste Facts in North Mountain Village

Electronic waste facts- Did you know that nearly 40 millions tons of electronic waste are generated each year? Only 12.5% of all electronic waste is recycled, which means there is a large opportunity for an impact to be made. There is a more eco-friendly alternative to throwing e-waste in the garbage, whether you run a tech company or are looking to update a line of electronics.

Simple Recycling Solutions in North Mountain Village

Finding the time to recycle can be a big reason why a lot of companies don’t end up doing their part for the environment. Well, Consolidated Resources, Inc. takes all the hassle out of recycling, regardless of your requirements. We provide convenient scheduling, precise material measurement, and timely, accurate invoicing reports. Contact CRI today and let us help solve your recycling issues while getting the highest return possible.

Are you new to North Mountain Village?

If you’re new to North Mountain Village, we’ve put together a list of resources for your family to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites:



  • Sunnyslope Mountain
  • Moon Valley Park
  • Lookout Mountain Preserve
  • North Mountain – Trail 44
  • Cortez Lake


  • Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
  • Pointe In Tyme
  • Aiello’s East Coast Italian
  • El Bravo Mexican Food
  • GreekTown Restaurant
  • Los Reyes De La Torta