Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Palo Verde

For nearly three decades, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has served clients from various industries and provide the same exceptional service to each one. At Consolidated Resources, Inc. we are committed to providing the great state of Arizona with comprehensive commercial and industrial recycling solutions. From downtown Phoenix to Palo Verde, recycling is important to our communities, our state, and our environment.

Palo Verde Business Recycling Solutions

When it comes to the basic residential recyclables, Palo Verde offers a great community recycling program; but what about your business’s needs? Do you need a place to take your old or broken pallets or to recycle and sell your scrap metals? Consolidated Resources, Inc. has the answers you need.

Recyclable Cardboard Facts Palo Verde

Cardboard facts– Did you know that recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil? Or that over 90% of all products shipped in the US are shipped in corrugated boxes (more than 400 billion square feet)? Whether the amount of cardboard that you use is large or small, recycling every possible piece is a great way to contribute to a greater cause.

Palo Verde Customized Commercial and Industrial Recycling Plans

Whether your company needs a solution for large amounts of cardboard to be recycled or a custom designed storage container to meet specific size requirements, Consolidated Resources, Inc. can provide a solution. We offer custom designed roll-off containers to fit any size specification that your business needs as well as pick-up and drop off schedules that work for you. Contact Consolidated Resources, Inc. today to learn about all our services and the materials we handle.

Are you a new Resident to Palo Verde?

If you are new to the area we are happy that you are calling Palo Verde home. There is plenty to do to help get you settled in. Here’s a small guide of activities and restaurants around town just for you.


  • Historic Gillespie Dam Bridge
  • Earl Edgar Recreational Park
  • Sundance Park
  • Skyline Regional Park
  • Estrella Star Tower


  • Wild West Cowboy Steakhouse
  • La Placita Cafe
  • Argento’s Pizza & Wings
  • Las Gemelas Mexican Food