Recycling metal scrap in phoenix, arizona

5 Reasons Phoenix Manufacturers Should be Recycling their Scrap Metal

Phoenix Manufacturers can Greatly Benefit from Recycling Scrap Metal

Metals are incredibly easy to recycle and reuse.  When Phoenix manufacturers recycle scrap metals, there are unlimited opportunities for new uses of that metal without the need for mining new metal ores.  Mining can be unsustainable and there is not an endless supply of metal ore for us to use.  Issues such as acid mine drainage can be avoided without mining.  When your Phoenix-based manufacturing company chooses to recycle scrap metals, you are contributing to a more sustainable planet and reducing dangerous piles of mine tailings (the ore waste of mines).  Recycled metals are very easy to come by.  Just in our cars alone, about 25% of the steel used in the production of parts such as car doors and hoods are made with recycled materials.  There are so many different benefits for Phoenix manufacturers to recycle.  It’s not only a great choice for the environment, but it will save them money and help to provide economic benefits as well.

Phoenix Manufacturers Save Energy by Recycling Scrap Metal

Aluminum, the most energy-demanding metal out there, requires more electricity than any other metal to produce. But simply recycling consumer products such as soda cans, cuts down on the use of power by just being cleaned, melted, and reused.  Energy use can be reduced by 95% if recycled aluminum is used instead of the raw materials (bauxite) to manufacture soda cans.  There is a huge reduction in energy use when global shipping and traditional mining practices are cut due to proper scrap metal recycling.

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during processing operations when making metal from raw ore are significantly decreased. 

Energy saved using recycled metals as opposed to raw ore:

  • ​​Aluminum – 92%
  • Steel – 56%
  • Copper – 90%

When Phoenix industrial & commercial manufactures recycle their scrap metal they are helping the entire Arizona community save energy.

Economic Benefits of Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

​The scrap metal recycling industry provides many economic benefits.  In 2008, $86 billion was generated which supported 85,000 jobs due to the scrap recycling industry.  Scrap facilities, processors, and brokers tend to be situated in every state within both urban and rural communities.  This allows for green jobs, more readily available than ever as well as generating tax and reducing manufacturing costs through recycling scrap metal.  

Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal Reduces Landfill Waste

With the expansion of curbside collections and local recycling facilities, recycling metal gets easier and easier.  This practice helps to clear scraps from landfills and incinerators and discourages illegal dumping of waste.  With the reuse of metals in Phoenix’s manufacturing industry, landfills are not only cleared but your business will contribute to reducing the use of natural resources, saving energy, and cutting down on emissions of greenhouse gases.

Arizona Manufacturer’s Save Money Recycling Scrap Metal

It’s incredibly financially rewarding to recycle scrap metals as Arizona manufacturers can reduce their production costs.  It’s much more cost-effective to source recycled pieces than to extract raw metal ore and there is a huge supply of it in the industry right now.  The financial incentive for metal recycling is not only for industrial production but for domestic consumers as well.  Household metal waste can be recycled in local recycling facilities and the consumer can be financially rewarded when doing their part to keep their carbon footprint down.

Industrial Scrap Metal is Everywhere!

The U.S. recycles 150 million metric tons of scrap materials annually.  This includes 5.5 million tons of aluminum, 1.8 million tons of copper, 2 million tons of stainless steel, 1.2 million tons of lead and 420,000 tons of zinc, and a whopping 85 million tons of iron and steel according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).  Various metals such as brass, bronze, chrome, magnesium, and tin can be recycled as well.  Aluminum cans are the most recycled metal items in the U.S.  Scrap brass is a highly desired metal when it comes to price and demand.  You can find brass in so many different places!  From homes and offices to large construction sites or ships.  Brass is found in door handles, bathroom fixtures, keys, musical instruments, and piping.  Simple household items such as old brass fittings or mismatched stainless steel cutlery can all be recycled for money.

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