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A Tech Revolution in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is becoming one of the nation’s leading cities in technology and software.  Becoming a landscape for innovative and cutting edge tech companies, there are endless opportunities for sustainability efforts within Maricopa County. 

Meeting space is always something to be sourced for large corporate conventions.  Phoenix has a number of unique, eco-friendly spaces with Mother nature in mind.  The Footprint Center, which has hosted the NBA and WNBA finals, is a plant-based fiber technology and material science company that is looking to be carbon-neutral and 100% plastic-free. 

The Phoenix Convention Center has contributed over 41 tons of compost feed plants to city parks as well as recycling more than 460 tons of material each year.  Their garden and living wall is watered by their HVAC system and they have 31,000 chairs that are made from recycled car batteries and seatbelts.  The nation’s fifth-largest city has environmental issues on its mind, especially with the recent Silicon Valley transplants. 

How the Phoenix Tech Boom Can Contribute to Recycling Efforts

Phoenix has approximately 98,220 employees in technology making it the 14th largest tech talent labor pool in the county.  Arizona houses over 10,000 tech companies which means the opportunities for recycling are quite high and just continue to grow. 

These tech companies can save money and lower their carbon footprint by purchasing recycling metals for their products.  It helps to clear the landfills and cuts down on mining practices.  When ore (the naturally occurring solid material which metal is extracted from) is mined, it depletes our natural resources, soils our land and waterways, and contributes to practices dangerous for its employees.  Raw ore is much more expensive than recycled metal.  Metals can be recycled indefinitely without the quality being impacted.  In addition to saving money, companies can also make money by recycling their scrap metals. 

What Metals Can Tech Companies Recycle?

  • Steel and Iron – Can be found in automobiles (Phoenix is testing out driverless cars right now), office furnishings, and parts from commercial structures, and manufacturing plants.
  • Aluminum – On a small scale, bicycles and food packaging, cans; and on a larger scale, rail transit materials and planes.
  • Copper – Found in piping and wiring.  Copper, going for about $3.55 per pound is one of the most valuable metals to recycle.
  • Electronics – Electronics, including cell phone scraps currently priced as $1.50 per pound.  Tech companies can really take advantage of recycling electronics as they can include computers, servers, motherboards, and cell phones.

Tin, brass, stainless steel, bronze, and precious metals are also recyclable.  Remember all the opportunities your company has when it comes to recycling scrap metals.  Benefit financially, please your customers, and contribute to a greener planet all at once.

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