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Let Your Customers Know That Your Phoenix Company is Sustainable!

If your Phoenix business practices sustainability, let your supporters and any soon-to-be customers know!  Consumers do a lot of digging these days to ensure sustainability via clean products, biodegradability, recycled materials, and delivery methods.  If your manufacturing company recycles its scrap metals or sells products that are made with recycled materials, your potential customers want to be informed.

Practices to Mention About Your Phoenix Company

We Use Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is something that consumers are very aware of because, well, they can see it.  They may not know exactly what is going on at all times within a factory, but packaging is tangible and it’s a good place to start with sustainability practices and open communication with your customers.  No one likes to get a box delivered to their home that could fit a refrigerator, only to find the product inside is the size of a microwave.  Excess packaging should be a thing of the past.  You can also source biodegradable packaging that can be made from natural items such as corn and wheat.  Encourage your customers to be involved with the recycling process too!  There is packaging out there that says, “recycle me!” or “plant me!”  Yes, there is packaging that has seeds within to be planted after use.

We Recycle Our Scrap Metals

Your customers would love to hear about your recycling practices.  It’s easy to assume large manufacturing or industrial companies could accumulate a lot of waste, but being open and honest about where any waste goes is not only good for the planet, but for your clientele as well.  Scrap metals can be recycled time and again with no degradation of its properties.  Anything from appliances, structures, auto parts, various products, and tech can all be recycled.

Our Products are Made From Recycled Metals

Let your customers know that your company offers a lower carbon footprint by using recycled materials to make your products.  Having a manufacturing process that entails recycling pieces to make the finished item is a great way to cut down waste in landfills, is cost effective, and will please your customers.  However, by using raw ore to make metals, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during processing operations is significantly increased.

We Use Clean Energy Sources

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2018, it was stated that 22% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were industrial.  Help to decrease your company’s carbon footprint by cutting down on energy.  If you use alternative energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric, or wind, this is good to note to consumers.  Other practices such as switching out machinery that could decrease energy consumption is also always a plus.

We Are a Low Waste Manufacturer

Explain some of your manufacturing processes.  People like to hear the details.  If there is a certain way a product is made that cuts down on waste, give your customers a step-by-step.  If the waste goes into a different upcycling project or gets recycled, this is crucial to note as well.  

We Use Low Emission Delivery Methods

Perhaps your company uses eco-friendly electric vehicles.  This is something to definitely note when advertising.  You may also use biodiesel fuel, a biodegradable made from cooking oil waste or vegetable oils.  There is also always an option to use a third party system for local services to deliver products instead of relying on air travel.  Local fulfillment centers can cut down on delivery vehicle-related emissions between 17% and 26% by 2025, according to a report by Accenture.  The same report also states that the last mile of the delivery can be the most expensive, coming in at 53% of the total cost of shipping and 41% of the total cost of the supply chain.

Transparency is Key when Promoting your Business Recycling & Sustainability Practices

Having this information out there for your customers to see is important both for transparency reasons as well as helping to lower your company’s carbon footprint one sale at a time.  Your clientele will be happy to know the truth behind the product they are purchasing and you will become a more trusted entity as well.

Learn more about how your business can become more sustainable

Contact CRI to get a Custom Recycling Program Tailored to your Business Needs

Comprehensive recycling solutions, customized to meet the specific needs of each business, is what sets CRI apart. We offer wide-ranging recycling programs and are experts in handling special projects – such as obsolete equipment, over-sized loads and many more. We are very responsive to customer needs and handle scrap recycling programs with precision, integrity, and transparency.

With our extensive fleet of trucks we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to service needs.

And at no cost to our customers, we offer and provide an assortment of quality containers for all recycling needs. From our dispatcher to our drivers, and everyone in-between, professional customer service and recycling solutions is our top priority. At CRI we understand that scrap is a valuable asset. Our primary objective is to help our industrial partners effectively manage that asset, enabling you to focus on your primary work.

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