How to Choose the Right Industrial Scrap Metals to Recycle

Do you run a Maricopa County manufacturing company and are looking to recycle your scrap metal?

We will help walk you through the benefits of recycling and how to go about choosing the right pieces to bring in.  Recycling will financially benefit your company by doing two things.  First, manufacturing products made with recycled materials is much lower in cost than having metals mined from raw ore.  And secondly, recycling scrap metals can make your business money from items you may not even expect could be valuable.  It’s also a wonderful choice for the environment.  By recycling scrap metals, landfill waste will be cut down and helps to lower your carbon footprint.

What Kind of Metals Can be Recycled?

Ferrous Scrap Metal Scraps

A few features of ferrous metal is that it’s incredibly durable, contains iron, and can stick to a magnet.  Ferrous metals are usually not high-dollar items.  The United States produced more than 19 million tons of ferrous scrap metal in 2018.

  • Iron – There are two different types of iron, wrought iron, and cast iron.  This metal can be found in construction materials via beams, piping, and reinforced concrete.  On a much smaller level, cast iron is found in cookware such as in cast iron pans.
  • Steel – The most recycled metal in the world, steel is found in office furnishings, automobiles, and food packaging.  Steel is also found in larger industrial projects such as commercial buildings, bridges, and pipelines. 

Non-Ferrous Metal Scraps

Non-ferrous metals are more malleable than ferrous metals and do not contain iron.  They do not stick to a magnet and are more valuable than ferrous versions.

  • Aluminum – Found in cans, frames of doors and windows, and even airplanes, storm windows are often made with aluminum frames.  A screen door’s frame can also be entirely made of aluminum.
  • Copper – Copper is a high price metal that can be found in lots of manufacturing and industrial job sites.  Some common places copper is found at the workplace can be in building wire, plumbing, computers and other electronics, appliances, company cars, and heating and cooling systems.
  • BrassCan be found in door handles, bathroom fixtures, keys, faucets, musical instruments, or tools. 
  • Stainless Steel – Prevalent in the restaurant industry, stainless steel can be found in kitchens including countertops, pots and pans, and silverware. 
  • Bronze Found in jewelry, musical instruments, industrial castings, sculptures, and tools.

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