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Scrap Metal Recycling Contributes to the Economy

Does your Phoenix Manufacturing Company Recycle its Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal recycling provides endless benefits including:

  • keeping a greener planet,
  • less expensive costs for production,
  • cuts down on energy consumption, and
  • boosts the economy. 

Recycling Scrap Metal Creates Jobs

Taking part in this easy practice helps to generate tax and provide thousands of green jobs to workers across the country.  About half a million jobs have been created by the scrap metal recycling industry according to the Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)

Recycling Scrap Metal reduces Mined Ore

Recycling more than 135 million metric tons of materials in 2014, scrap metal recycling helps to turn end-of-life metals into new, quality materials to be used in the Phoenix manufacturing industry.  Recycling metals reduces the demand for raw ores. Mining raw ore is an intensive process that depletes the environment’s natural resources and comes at a much higher cost. 

Let your business boost the economy and help Maricopa County thrive by recycling your scrap metal with Consolidated Resources.

Boosting the Phoenix Community Through Recycling

The Economic Impact Study showed that in 2015, in Arizona alone, 9,919 total jobs within and via the scrap metal recycling industry were created equaling $748,148 in wages.  By contributing to scrap metal recycling, your manufacturing or industrial business is directly contributing to economic growth. 

The recycling industry helps by not only creating jobs but by acting as an economic leader as well as an exporter.  The individuals and businesses who recycle scrap metals or purchased recycled metals help to provide 471,587 people with jobs in the United States.  This allows for economic growth exceeding $105.8 billion dollars annually.  These jobs include direct recycling positions as well as supplier jobs such as auto yards and independent sellers.  Places that supply machinery and services are also included.  These simple acts of purchasing recycled metal and making sure to continue the recycling process will not only save your company money, but it will also add funds back into the Phoenix economy, your business, and our local community. 

Why Choose Consolidated Resources Incorporated (CRI) for your Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling?

We’ve built our reputation on unmatched customer service. We understand every manufacturing environment is unique and tailor every recycling program to a business’s specific needs. With our extensive fleet of trucks, we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the flexibility to react quickly to your service needs.

At CRI we understand that scrap is a valuable asset. Our primary objective is to help our industrial partners effectively manage that asset, enabling them to focus on their primary work.


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