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How to Choose an Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling Company

Are you looking to recycle scrap metal for your Phoenix-based manufacturing business? Recycling scrap metal is beneficial for your business, the economy, and the environment.   CRI specializes in scrap metal recycling for industrial and manufacturing businesses throughout Maricopa County.  There are always a few things to look out for when choosing a company to bring your scrap metals to.  We can give you the tools, resources, and a few things to consider when choosing the best recycling facility that fits your needs. 

Material Weighing

Honesty is important to CRI.  We make sure there are accurate individual weighs of containers as well as precise full-load weight tickets taken by our truck scale.  They are all clearly noted in detail and delivered to the customer with their payments.  Our scales are also state-certified and regulated quarterly to the state’s standards.  Unfortunately, there are recycling companies out there who may not be 100% honest about these weighs. 

Custom-Tailored Transportation Schedule

With a customized transportation schedule, CRI can best serve your needs.  We own and operate our company’s flatbed trailers and trash compactors which helps to offer you the best value.  From storage to transport, CRI controls each step of the process.  CRI offers flexible 24-hour turnaround times on service requests as well.  Is your business within the Phoenix metro market?  If so, transportation is provided at zero charge.  Something to note, lots of services don’t have customizable recycling options or 24-hour turnaround times.  We are happy to offer both services for your business.

Material Collection and Storage

It can sometimes be difficult to find custom bins and waste receptacles for your business.  CRI offers roll-off boxes and customized box solutions to fit your business’s space accommodations and other preferences/needs. From cardboard boxes to roll-off containers, CRI will help your Phoenix business determine what works best.  We even consult with your business to ensure the right equipment is used for its needs.  

Pricing and Invoicing

At CRI, we are upfront and honest with our pricing and invoicing.  As previously stated, we ensure all weighs and reporting are accurate and precisely tracked in our systems.  Including this information, a receiving report is generated with each load picked up also marking:

  • Material description
  • Quantity of containers received
  • Pricing value
  • Total payment

This receiving report along with a customer report is created and sent to the customer/business along with their payment to review.  Even the payment terms are custom-tailored to each individual’s needs.  CRI offers some of the best prices for your recyclable scrap metals due to our global marketing network of direct mill shipping.  All items are processed in-house and are carefully accounted for.  Consider CRI when shopping for scrap metal recycling facilities.  We will make for an eco-friendly,  seamless, and financially advantageous one-stop shop for your Phoenix business.