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Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling and a Circular Economy in Phoenix

Did you know that 60% of the copper produced since the 1900’s is still in use?  This means metal recycling is really paying off! 

In order to contribute to a circular economy, practices like industrial scrap metal recycling are crucial, especially in Phoenix, Arizona.  A circular economy not only reduces waste and increases recycling, but it’s also a regenerating approach.  So, instead of mining for raw ore to create new copper, we continue to purchase recycled copper as well as recycle our current metal to be repurposed again and again. 

It’s a continuous, connected circle which doesn’t allow for any breaks in the process.  With a circular economy, the goal is to use the resources we already have in circulation and not tap into our natural resources.  By doing so, we preserve our land and waterways, as well as contribute to the economy.

Circular Economy vs. Linear Economy

A linear economy basically means we take resources from nature, turn them into products, dispose of them when done, and then they make their way into landfills, oceans, etc.  A circular economy allows the discarded materials to loop back around to made new again while keeping the integrity and durability of the original metal.  In days of fast manufacturing and turnarounds, plastics, metals, fabrics, and other materials tend to end up as waste without compostable properties.  Our extraction practices shift into regenerative practices when going from a linear to circular economy.  This works in all areas whether it’s farming approaches, manufacturing clothing, or recycling scrap metals.  Linear methods deplete our natural resources of their nutrients and there are only so many resources we have to use pulled directly from the environment.

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A Circular Economy in Phoenix

By following circular economy methods in manufacturing and industrial settings, your Phoenix business will not only thrive, but can contribute to the local economy as well. 

The circular economy helps create jobs within the recycling community and can help expand outwards.  As previously discussed, it helps preserve natural resources in addition to lowering your carbon footprint and cutting down on energy consumption. 

Maximize Business Profits with Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling your scrap metal is financially advantageous as your business can save money by purchasing recycled goods and materials as opposed to freshly mined ones. 

By recycling industrial scrap metals, your business may be able to increase its overall profit margin.  Scrap metal recycling can really add up when it comes to the total weight or the type of metal brought in for recycling.  

And lastly, your customers will thank you for choosing to make sustainable choices within your Maricopa County manufacturing business.  Your loyal followers like to know where their product is coming from and what the manufacturing process entails.  When purchasing an item, an eco-conscious shopper will be happy to know that their money went toward a company that is taking part in the circular economy.

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