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Phoenix Arizona Sees Rapid Manufacturing Growth

The greater Phoenix region is experiencing an ever-growing expansion of manufacturing companies.  Continuing to increase, Phoenix currently has more than 2,800 companies and 138,000 industry employees operating within the area.  These numbers are looking to increase to 4% by 2025.  Due to the city’s affordable operating perks, leaders in the manufacturing industry such as Boeing, Intel, Honeywell, and Amazon are all reaping the benefits.  

 Why Build Your Business in Phoenix?

 Some factors that make Phoenix a great choice for manufacturing are:

  • the proximity to California,
  • dependable and up-to-date infrastructure,
  • and available workforce.  

California, the fifth-largest economy in the world, is close enough to Phoenix that nearly 40 million buyers can be accessed as quickly as a one-day truck drive.  Manufacturers can work efficiently and can take advantage of the buying power of one of the country’s largest states without operating in it. 

The new or updated infrastructure is definitely an economic gain for local Phoenix businesses.  The utility providers assure manufacturing companies that they will have a consistent reliable power source, especially during the most crucial stages of operation. 

There is also an available workforce for manufacturers in the greater Phoenix area.  The city has been seeing human resource teams scout the area and markets before real estate searches even go into place.  This can give new companies peace of mind when starting out.

Economic Benefits of Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

First and foremost, recycling scrap metal for manufacturing companies is very lucrative.  In addition to the many environmental benefits, Phoenix businesses can make money just by compiling excess scraps that usually get tossed. 

The fabrication of products being made, electronics, wiring, piping, tools, and machinery are all items that can be recycled for profit.  This practice not only makes money for businesses and individuals but it helps to boost the economy. 

Recycling Scrap Metal is Good for the Economy

Scrap metal recycling is very labor-intensive which adds a wide range of new jobs to the market.  The scrap industry supports more than 470,000 jobs annually from about $105 billion in annual economic activity according to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).  The industry generated about $4.4 billion in state and local taxes and $6.76 billion in federal taxes in 2014. 

Manufacturers Save Money Buying Recycled Metals

Manufacturers can also save on costs when buying metals by going the recycled route.  Raw, freshly mined metals are very expensive compared to recycled options and are much less eco-friendly.  Appliances, machinery, and products can be made new again by recycling.  With no degradation of their properties, metals can be recycled again and again. 

Choose Phoenix For Your Business

Phoenix is not only a great place to set up your manufacturing business, but it’s also the perfect place to recycle locally to benefit your business, the environment, and the economy.

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