Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Ahwatukee

One of the quickest growing cities in Arizona, Ahwatukee has exploded into a highly desirable suburb of Phoenix. With more people comes more opportunities for new businesses to call Ahwatukee home. Over the years, the recycling needs of Ahwatukee have increased dramatically, both industrial and residential and Consolidated Resources, Inc. has the solutions.

Residential & Commercial Recycling in Ahwatukee

The city of Ahwatukee provides a tremendous community recycling program, and now businesses have a great solution to their recycling needs.

Residential and commercial recycling differ significantly from each other, which is why your business needs a different answer. Whether you need large bales of plastic picked up or the best price for your recyclable metal scraps, you can count on Consolidated Resources, Inc. to help.

Ahwatukee Recycling Facts

Recycling facts – According to research studies, if the US recycling levels reach 75% (currently around 20%), it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent to removing 55 million cars from the US each year. We Americans throw away enough waste each day to fill over 63,000 garbage trucks and are only recycling at 34%. There is an enormous amount of room for improvement for everyone; residential and commercial.

Consolidate Resources provide Recycling Solutions for Ahwatukee and all of Pheonix

We believe that one of the challenges to recycling is finding a convenient solution to unique requirements. Well, Consolidated Resources, Inc. takes all the hassle out of recycling, regardless of your business’s requirements. We provide convenient scheduling, precise material measurement, and timely, accurate invoicing reports. Let Consolidated Resources help your business do its part for the environment while getting the highest return possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help your recycling needs.

Are you new to the Ahwatukee Community?

If you are new to Ahwatukee, welcome! We know that you will love it here as much as we do. We created a small list of things for you to do in the area.  We hope you enjoy your new town, enjoy!


  • Desert Foothills Park
  • South Mountain Park and Preserve
  • Gila Valley Lookout
  • South Mountain Environmental Education Center
  • The Lost Ranch


  • Trattoria D’Amico
  • Va Bene
  • Sushi Nakano
  • Arrivederci Trattoria
  • Tūk kafe
  • Pita Jungle – Ahwatukee