Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Carefree

For 28 years, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been providing top-notch commercial and industrial recycling solutions to cities around Arizona including Carefree. We offer trouble-free handling of all your recyclable materials with thorough and complete communication throughout the entire process.

Carefree Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Carefree provides a wonderful residential recycling program, but when it comes to the needs of businesses, many do not know where to turn. From glass to scrap nickel, Consolidated Resources, Inc. knows the recycling industry and will make your business’s recycling needs a priority. Running a business requires delegation and now is the time to let us handle your business’s recycling.

Non-ferrous Recycling Facts Carefree

Non-ferrous Facts- Did you know each year, the United States recycles enough copper to build 25,000 Statues of Liberty? Recycling and reusing recyclable materials cuts down on energy usage, landfill space and money. Also, when your company recycles efficiently, that means more money comes back to you.

CRI Business Recycling Solutions in Carefree

Let Consolidated Resources, Inc. take the guesswork out of your recycling needs with our comprehensive commercial and industrial recycling solutions. Whether your business needs require frequent exchanges of material containers or you are looking to get the highest market price for your valuable recyclable materials, Consolidated Resources, Inc. knows the recycling industry and strives to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Are you new to Carefree?

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to those who are new to town. We hope you will enjoy it here. We would like to help you get to know your new home just a little bit better. To do this we have created a small yet helpful guide of things to do and see here. Enjoy!


  • Boulders Resort Golf Club
  • Waldorf Astoria Spa
  • Carefree Sundial
  • Carefree Desert Gardens
  • The Town Dump
  • Enchanted Pumpkin Garden
  • Phallic Rock
  • M & E Fine Art Gallery
  • Sticks Cigar Lounge


  • English Rose Tea Room
  • The Boulders Resort And Spa
  • Cafe Bink
  • Spa Cafe
  • Giordano’s Trattoria Romana Restaurant
  • Venues Cafe
  • Palo Verde
  • The Kitchen Grill and Bar
  • Carefree Coffee Rosary
  • Black Mountain Coffee Shop
  • Pizzafarro’s