5 Most Important Materials to Recycle

With limited natural resources and an abundant consumer demand for products, it makes sense to recycle what we have already been given. Why? It’s cost efficient, it helps us steward the environment, and it’s relatively simple to do.

A Fresh Mindset is Everything

If you think you don’t waste that much, consider the valuable resources you might be inadvertently throwing away on a daily basis. Awareness can make a huge difference, not only in our perception but in our decision-making process as well.

Still, don’t think you can make much of a difference? Check out the following commonly thrown away, yet easy to recycle materials, you might not have considered.

Here’s a List of Recyclable Materials You Likely Use Daily:

Aluminum Cans

We all have them: Think soda cans, beer cans, juice cans, you name it. And guess what? This is a product that is not only plentiful, but it’s also completely recyclable. Did you know, it takes 95% less energy to recycle old cans than it does to make new ones?

And, there’s more: Recycling aluminum cans is not just a 1-time winning situation. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again. Yep. There’s virtually no limit. It’s the recycled product that just keeps on giving.                                                                                             

Recycling this resource is just a no-brainer. It’s easy, plentiful and super-efficient. So, next time you start to throw away that soda can, do something useful and recycle it instead.

Plastic Bottles

Billions, yes that’s billions with a “B,” of single-serving water bottles are purchased every year. Sadly, almost all of them (approximately 80%) will be thrown into the trash, ultimately finding their way into our nation’s already overflowing landfills.

When recycling plastic bottles takes ⅔ less energy than making new ones, and it’s so easy to do, why not make this a simple, and helpful, lifelong commitment? How many single-serving plastic water bottles do you think you use daily?


Yeah, I get it. Print papers are rapidly declining, and virtually going the way of the dinosaur. Yes, online news is king. However, there are still plenty of newspapers floating around, and only so many bird cages that need lining.

So, why throw old papers in the trash, when they can be recycled so efficiently? This one’s an easy commitment to make, and a simple follow through.


Whether it’s a package from Amazon— with tiny contents safely wrapped in a ginormous box—or cardboard containers in the workplace, they are all recyclable.

Simply break the boxes down, and recycle, so you can help in the recreation of more cardboard production, in a continuous, and environmentally safe, way. It’s easy!


Recycling steel is more than just about cans. Consider other steel products you might otherwise have thrown away. How about old auto parts, and those it’s-time-to-replace, ugly, harvest gold appliances?

Steel is a highly sought-after recyclable material. It helps the environment to recycle, and it’s also a valuable commodity.

It’s simple to do your part, to reduce the environmental footprint of steel production, by recycling.

It’s as Easy as Changing a Habit

All in all, recycling is more about education, and learning new habits, than it is a chore.

How much recycled material do you calculate you throw into an already overly burdened landfill on a weekly basis? How about annually? When considered, the numbers for any given household can be staggering. What simple things can you, and your family, do to make a huge difference?