Industrial & Commercial Metal Recycling In Gila Bend

Since 1990, Consolidated Resources, Inc. has been providing top-notch commercial and industrial recycling solutions to cities around Arizona including Gila Bend. We handle all of your recyclable materials with thorough and complete communication throughout the entire process.

Recycling Solutions for all Commercial Needs

Before taking a trip to the dump with your broken, outdated electronics or sensitive business documents, we may have a better solution to protect your company. While Gila Bend offers a great recycling program for residents and small-scale needs, CRI offers a practical solution for industrial and commercial recycling.

Electronic Waste Facts Gila Bend

Electronic waste facts- Did you know that nearly 40 millions tons of electronic waste are generated each year? Only 12.5% of all electronic waste is recycled, which means there is a large opportunity for an impact to be made. Whether you run a tech company or are looking to update a line of electronics, just know that there is a more eco-friendly alternative than throwing them away.

Recycling Electronics with CRI in Gila Bend

When it comes to old or broken electronics, Consolidated Resources, Inc. handles a wide range of electronics that require recycling. Let Consolidated Resources, Inc. take the difficulty out of knowing how to properly dispose of your outdated electronics. Help your business do its part for the environment through our unique operations and excellent communication.

Are you new to the City of Gila Bend?

We are sure that you are going to love living in this wonderful city. There’s so much to do in our wonderful community. Here are a few suggestions we have for local attractions and eateries.


  • Painted Rock Petroglyph Site
  • Gila Bend Museum
  • Gatlin Archaeological Park
  • Sonoran Desert National Monument


  • Sofia’s Mexican Food
  • Little Italy Pizza Italian Restaurant
  • Humberto’s Mexican Food
  • Space Age Restaurant