10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Recycled Products

If you want to increase your role as an environmental conscience contributor to the earth’s well-being, there’s more you can do than just recycle. Of course, recycling is important. But if you actually purchase recycled products, things will come around environmentally full circle much faster.

If you’re not sure if buying recycled products really helps, check out this list of 10 reasons why you should:

Purchasing Recycled Products Saves Energy

It takes far less energy, for example, to recycle an aluminum can than to create a new one. About 95% less energy, to be exact. Ask yourself just how many soda cans you toss per week. Each thrown item represents wasted energy that can be better put to use elsewhere. By purchasing recycled items, you can be confident of energy wisely saved.

Buying Recycled Products Removes Fewer Resources from The Earth

Unlike the sun, some resources are simply not unlimited. Why waste precious resources on household, and personal, items, that can be simply reused? From metals to old trees, there is only so much around. When some resources are gone, they’re simply gone.

Buying Recycled Products Keeps Our Landfills from Overflowing

This one is huge. Our landfills are growing? from overuse. When we buy items that are recycled, many times over and over again, it frees up much-needed land space where the products might otherwise be tossed.

Buying Recycled Products Limits Pollution

By purchasing recycled products, you encourage manufacturing methods that limit resource use, and energy waste, by producing items from a reusable material. This ultimately restricts factory induced greenhouse gasses. All around, recycled products help to maintain a cleaner, healthier planet.

Buying Recycled Products Encourages Companies to do the Right Thing, by Making More Recycled Products

It just makes sense, right? Companies are in business to make money. If customers don’t buy a product, it will ultimately disappear from the shelves. A demand for recycled products encourages manufacturers to participate in an environmentally healthy effort. If the items are good enough for your pocketbook, they’re definitely good enough for companies to create.

Buying Recycled Products Saves Water

This one often surprises folks: Did you know that to produce a dollar’s worth of paper, from raw lumber, takes more than 6 gallons of water? But when you buy a pound of recycled paper, you’ve helped to save approximately 3 gallons of water. Seriously.

Buying Recycled Products Saves Money

This one can be a little tricky. Some recycled products will actually cost a bit more at the checkout counter. So factor in your decision-making process the additional value of a clean environment. However, there’s no doubt, reusing materials saves manufacturers on resource output, and that savings may be passed on to you.

Buying Recycled Products Supports Businesses and Helps with Job Creation

Many businesses and individual jobs rely on recycling. So when you purchase a recycled item, you’re helping to stimulate the economy and keeping your neighbors employed. There’s a lot to love about this aspect alone.

Buying Recycled Products Displays Good Environmental Ethics

Sometimes, we do the right thing, simply because it’s the right thing to do. This reason is just not that complicated.

Buying Recycled Products Is a Valuable Teaching Tool for Future Generations

People, and certainly children, watch what we do, not just what we say. By purchasing recycled products, you’re sending an often-unspoken message that a healthy environment is definitely worth your effort. And theirs.

If you’d like to know more about this, and other recycling information, be sure to check out the Consolidated Resources website at www.ConsolidatedResources.com