celebrate earth day by recycling your industrial scrap metal

Earth Day 2023: Recycle Your Industrial Scrap Metals For Earth Day!

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste in the U.S. was created in 2018 which equals approximately 4.9 pounds per person per day.  Of the waste generated, just about 69 million tons were recycled and 25 million tons were composted which is about equivalent to a 32.1 percent recycling and composting rate. 

In the same year, about 146.1 million tons of municipal solid waste was landfilled and 9.53% of that was metals.  Manufacturing and industrial businesses are booming in Maricopa County and this does mean that there is room for a lot of scrap metal waste. 

The good news is that with readily available recycling plants, scrap metal recycling has never been easier.  Challenge your business this Earth Month to reduce some waste, and recoup some costs.  It betters the planet, the community, and is a financially beneficial option for your team.

Why Recycle Industrial Scrap Metals?

Plastic usage and residential recycling seem to be the driving force in the discussion of our waste problems.  However, it’s important to take a close look at all of the waste both individuals and businesses are creating.  This includes turnings, offcuts, and other scrap metals. 

It goes well beyond aluminum cans, we’re talking giant beams from construction sites, piping, wiring, electronics, cars, appliances, and metal furniture.  Recycling metals and purchasing already recycled materials instead of raw ore may seem like a small step but it really pays off in the long run.

Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal ReducesToxic Runoff

 Mining wreaks havoc on our environment.  When mining for raw ore; soil, waterways, air, and wildlife can all be affected by mining runoff and contamination.  It should also be noted that our electronic waste can also leak into our soil.  This includes cell phones, television sets, computers, and more.  The world produces as much as 50 million tonnes of electrical waste (e-waste) according to the UN report.  

Reduce Landfill Waste By Recycling Your Metral Scraps

Metals that end up in landfills can stick around for about 50-200 years depending on the compostable property of the metal.  Most metals can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing crucial properties, making this practice a very sustainable choice.  Instead of tapping into our natural resources, consider scrap recycling for your manufacturing business instead.  It’s a small step but will significantly cut down on the further depletion of our natural resources.

Conserve Energy by Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling cuts down on energy consumption.  For instance, recycling aluminum saves between 90% to 95% of the energy needed to make it from raw ore. 

The energy saved by recycling just one single aluminum can is enough to power a television set for three hours. 

By recycling copper, you can save up to 85% of the energy needed to produce raw materials, according to KME, the Bureau of International Recycling.  The amount of energy used to mine results in large amounts of CO2. 

By recycling and buying recycled products for your business, your will be lowering your company’s carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Recycling your Industrial Scrap Metal is Easier than Ever!

Just call Consolidated Resource Inc. We’ll create a custom recycling program for your business. We even have all different sizes of roll-off bins for collection. We have a fleet of trucks that can pickup your filled bills on an schedule optimized for your business hours. Just call to learn more!

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