phoenix manufacturing and tech industry booming

Maricopa County’s Booming Businesses

Tech Industry Booming in Maricopa County

Some are saying that Phoenix and the Maricopa County area is the new Silicon Valley.  105 companies from Arizona made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing firms in 2019.  Pulling in about the same number of companies on the list in 2020, fast-growing tech companies, such as Freestar (that has shown enormous growth in the area) proves that these growing companies are boosting the economy in Maricopa County. 

Tech is also expanding into driverless cars within the area.  The company Waymo, a self-driving ride-hailing service that has raised billions in funding, has completely taken over Phoenix.  Phoenix is the only market where this car service is currently operating. 

Manufacturing has exploded in Arizona

A report from the Greater Phoenix Economic Council stated that manufacturing has exploded in Arizona in the last decade.  They said that 238 manufacturing companies have either moved or expanded in the Phoenix area during this time.  Chris Camacho, from the Greater Phoenix Economic Council noted that,

“It’s largely because of the favorable operating environment, the labor force, the modern infrastructure, and we just have an incredibly pro-business attitude.” 

The proximity to California is a huge reason why manufacturing companies are either moving to or expanding to Maricopa County.

Recycling Industrial and Tech Scrap Metals 

With this huge surge in businesses in the Valley, it’s important to note that manufacturing and tech companies can take advantage of scrap metal recycling.  Recycling scrap metal within a business can be incredibly profitable. 

Iron, steel, and other large ferrous scrap metals can be recycled as well as non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, tin, brass, stainless steel, and bronze). 

Steel can be found in office furnishings, automobiles, commercial buildings, and more.  Tech companies can have loads of scrap metal, not just from the buildings, cars, and manufacturing plants, but from the tech itself.  Computers, servers, motherboards, and cell phones all can be recycled for profit.  Aluminum is a very sustainable metal that can be recycled over and over again with no loss of material from the recycling process.  This particular metal can be found on a small scale (cans, bicycles) and on a larger scale (planes and rail transit).  

In addition to making money for your manufacturing and tech businesses, you can also save money by buying recycled scrap metal for your products or construction uses. When you choose to recycle your industrial scrap metal, your company will contribute to a greener future with less raw ore being mined and help prevent those valuable metals from ending up in landfills.  

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