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Growth in Manufacturers Within the Greater Phoenix Region

Becoming a growing hub for manufacturing employment and operations, greater Phoenix has approximately 140,375 employees and 3,500 manufacturing businesses.  The region is expected to increase 8% by 2026.

Why Manufacturers Choose Maricopa County in Phoenix

There are three main reasons manufacturers seem to be gravitating toward Maricopa County in the Phoenix area.

  1. Proximity to California (the fifth largest economy in the world)
  2. Available workforce – Phoenix is becoming the answer for companies to sustain their year-five projections
  3. Dependable, up-to-date infrastructure – the electric utility provider of greater Phoenix is able to supply uninterrupted and dependable power to its users

Industrial Metal Recycling in Phoenix

We’ve seen a booming success in the region due to manufacturing, industrial, and tech industries making their way from California and elsewhere set up shop in Phoenix.  This is great for the economy, as well as sustainability opportunities.  What all of these industries have in common is the fact they have the chance to take part in large-scale scrap metal recycling. 

By taking part in this practice, these industries will not only further accrue jobs and opportunities within the area, but they will become a very significant part of Phoenix’s sustainability initiative. 

Phoenix is looking to create zero waste by 2050. 

By actionable goals such as expanding the current recycling program and encouraging the retail industry to provide products that can be repurposed or are 100% recyclable, this may not be out of reach.

Take the Right Steps to Scrap Metal Recycling

  • Check Your Waste Before it Goes to the Landfill – Each and every piece of metal can really add up in the end. Look to see what steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and iron you have.  All of these metals are recyclable and can be repurposed with little to zero degradation of their properties.  Recycling can be financially advantageous as well as eco-friendly.  Small items such as piping, appliances, wiring, computers, and motherboards can be taken to your local facility.  But large-scale items such as automobiles, construction materials, gates, and fencing can also be brought in.

  • Work Recyclable Items into Your Products – Helping to clear the landfills is certainly a great step to recycling your scrap metal.  But purchasing recycled metal for your business’ products is something that will not only save you money but it will also please your customers and lower your carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

  • Plan Long-Term Sustainability Goals – Try to continue sustainability practices beyond regular scrap metal recycling.  Work practices such as low waste, upcycling, and smart packaging into your business plan.  Perhaps your business could use scraps to turn into new products.  Perhaps the packaging is low-waste or biodegradable.  Try to be open and honest about your recycling and sustainability initiatives.  It’s not only good for the planet, but for your clientele as well.

Which Industrial Metals can be Recycled?

Both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals are recyclable!

Common recyclable ferrous metals include Iron & Steel. Non-ferrous metals that are recyclable include Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel & Bronze. If your Phoenix-area business produces any of these scrap metals, Consolidated Resources is the company to call. We provide storage bins for your materials and can pick up your scrap on your schedule. We are transparent with our weights & pricing and strive to maintain the high level of integrity and trust CRI is known for. Call today (623) 931-5009 to speak to one of our friendly office staff! 

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