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Maximize the Value of Your Industrial Scrap Metal With CRI

Do you have an industrial business located in Phoenix, Arizona? 

Perhaps your company produces copper piping or wiring, or you may have large steel beams that would otherwise go to waste.  Learn how to properly recycle your scrap metals with Consolidated Resources and get the maximum amount back on your items.  We’ll walk you through some popular recyclable metals and methods so you can always know what can be brought to CRI without the hassle of second-guessing or missing valuable scrap pieces.

It’s important to determine if you have ferrous or non-ferrous metals.  This can be done with a simple, small magnet.  No large equipment required! Ferrous metals will stick to the magnet.  These are not usually the high-dollar items, but can and should still be recycled if you have them!  Some common ferrous metal types would be steel, carbon steel, wrought iron, or cast iron.  Non-ferrous metals will not stick to a magnet.  These include items such as aluminum, copper, tin, brass, stainless steel, and bronze.  Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron and ferrous metals do.  These metals tend to be quite valuable and are worth more when recycling.  Precious metals like gold and silver are also considered non-ferrous.  

Why Recycle Copper Scrap Metal?

Copper is a very valuable metal found within wiring, pipes, air conditioners, certain home goods, and fixtures.  It’s a really smart idea to bring any copper scraps in to be recycled and an even smarter idea to separate them from your other metals when doing so.  Copper is usually a bright, reddish color but if it’s worn, it can look like a darker brown with green rust. CRI can provide you with separate roll-off bins if your business has a lot of differnet scrap metals. 

Recycling Brass Scrap Metals

Heavy in weight, and golden in color, brass is a great metal to bring in to be recycled.  This commonly found metal is very durable and resists corrosion.  Brass can be found in small items, such as door handles and keys.  It can also be found in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, copper pipping, ships, or large construction sites.  Brass is mid-level in value.  Made up of copper and zinc, it can add up in value quite quickly due to the density of the metal.  

Industrial Steel is Widely Used & Easy to Recycle

Steel, one of the most widely used metals in the world is very easy to find and recycle.  A magnet will stick to it, making it ferrous.  Steel is not all that valuable unless you have thousands of pounds of it.  This shouldn’t discourage anyone from recycling it however.  Once it’s recycled, it can be melted down and reused again and again, making it a great choice for the environment.  This also cuts down the cost of purchasing steel for your company.  Buying recycled steel for products is much more affordable and eco-friendly than mining new iron ore for raw materials.

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