recycling industrial scrap metal in phoenix az

Where Can I Find Scrap Metal Within my Phoenix Business?

Do You Own or Operate an Industrial or Commercial Business in the Phoenix Metro Area? 

If you do, your establishment might benefit from recycling scrap metal left over from the manufacturing or construction process.  Scrap metal yards like Consolidated Resources, Inc. work with many different types and sizes of companies. We work with construction companies that may have steel beams left from structures, scrap wire from electrical work, manufacturers that process and create metal shavings and scrap pieces as well as large corporate businesses that may have metal appliances or tech items that no longer function. 

A large corporation could even have scrap metal left from building renovations, de-commissioned motor vehicles, or broken industrial appliances that can be recycled.

What Kind of Scrap Metals Can Be Recycled Within Maricopa County?

Copper Scrap Metal

Copper is a prominent material used in a variety of businesses and is very valuable.  It can be found within company cars, heating and cooling equipment, electronics, and a building’s wiring or plumbing.  About half of U.S copper production comes from recycled materials.  In 2010, recyclers in the U.S. refined 1.8 million metric tons of copper for domestic use and export. When you choose CRI to recycle your industrial copper scrap, you’ll get the maximum value available in the industry.

Steel Scrap Metal

About 90% of total steel production is from carbon steel.  Carbon steel is widely used in the industrial and construction industries.  It’s inexpensive, so it’s easier for businesses to use a large quantity of it for projects such as constructing skyscrapers, pipelines, or bridges.  The inexpensive price point should not deter one from recycling it, however. 

It may not have as big of a payout as copper, but it’s much easier to find, and therefore, will add up quickly!  If your business is purchasing steel, the recycled route is not only important for the price point, but for the environment as well.  Mining new ore for raw materials is incredibly pricey and can very quickly take a toll on natural resources.

Aluminum Scrap Metal

Along with steel, aluminum is one of the most popular metals for scrap metal recycling.  It can be found not only in aluminum cans but from within a building’s interior structures such as storm windows which typically have aluminum frames.  Screen door frames made from aluminum tend to be entirely recyclable as well.  Aluminum can be found in items as small as kitchen utensils or as large as airplanes.

Recycling Scrap Metal will Benefit Your Phoenix Business Financially, Economically, and Environmentally. 

Take a moment to review the scrap materials your business produces. You will most likely find one, or even all three of the materials we discussed! If you aren’t recycling those metals with Consolidated Resources Inc, your business is missing out on the financial benefits. Contact our office today to get a custom recycling program.

Customized Recycling Solutions Sets CRI Apart

We offer wide-ranging recycling programs and are experts in handling special projects – such as obsolete equipment, oversized loads, and much more. We handle each scrap recycling program with precision, integrity, and transparency because we understand that your scrap metal is a valuable asset. Our primary objective is to help our industrial and commercial partners effectively manage that asset, enabling you to focus on your primary work.

Responsive to Customer Needs

We also offer and provide an assortment of quality containers at no cost to our customers. With our extensive fleet of trucks, we are in control of all aspects of transportation.  This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to your service needs.

One More Fun Fact About Aluminum Scrap Metal

Did you know that aluminum requires more electricity than any other metal to produce? When your industrial business gets into the habit of recycling scrap metals, the energy saved is astronomical!

  • ​​Aluminum – 92%
  • Steel – 56%
  • Copper – 90%

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