Recycling Copper in Maricopa County

The United States has no need to import copper, according to the Copper Development Association.  Copper is a 100% recyclable material which has a recycling rate higher than that of any other engineering metal.  This means, there is no more mining needed which depletes our natural resources and costs a lot of extra money to do so.  Recycled copper makes up for 95% of the copper used domestically.  Manufacturing and Industrial businesses within Maricopa County can greatly benefit from recycling their copper scraps as well as using recycled copper for their production processes going forward.  

Why Should Maricopa County Companies Recycle Copper?

  • It’s Easily Found – All of the new commercial, industrial, and residential buildings going up in the Phoenix area can create a lot of copper.  Copper wiring can be easily picked over and even thrown in the garbage after the end of a large construction project.  It can be found in heating and cooling systems, electronics, appliances, piping, and even company cars.  According to the Northwest Mining Association, the average home contains 400 pounds of copper.
  • It’s High in Value – Highly sought after by individuals and businesses, copper is one of the most valuable metals out there.  As of June 2022, bright shiny copper scrap is going for $3.55 per pound according to Scrap Monster.  Various copper wiring including insulated wiring and even Christmas light scraps are all included on the list of current prices of scrap metals within Phoenix.  Your Maricopa County business can profit from recycling its scrap copper pieces.  In addition to getting a large return for your eco-friendly choice, by bringing already recycled copper into your products, the cost will be lower and your customers will thank you for it.

  • It’s Sustainable – Recycling copper can help to cut down on landfill waste and provide sustainable practices for your business.  Recycling copper can save up to 85% of the energy needed to produce raw materials, according to KME, the Bureau of International Recycling.  Without the need of mining, we don’t need to dig into natural resources or cause toxic runoff which can destroy waterways and wildlife.  Also, when copper is refined, toxic gasses and dust are released into the air.  The entire recycling process protects every aspect of the environment.  Your customer base will be incredibly happy to know they are not only purchasing recycling materials, but that your company continues to practice sustainability by recycling scrap metal.

Start Recycling your Copper Scrap Metal

Your Maricopa business can help to cut down on waste, lower your carbon footprint, and save money by having a recycling plan in place.  Recycling copper can even contribute to the economic growth of Phoenix by providing jobs to the community through recycling.

Learn more about the benefits of recycling copper here:

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