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Recycling & Sustainability Initiatives in Phoenix Arizona

If you live in Maricopa County, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of new businesses including technology, real estate, manufacturing, and industrial industries.  With each new factory, plant, and Silicon Valley-esque tech company, comes sustainable opportunities.  Each new product being produced, car driven, and new building put up creates scrap metals and carves out room for other sustainable practices to make Phoenix and the surrounding area a cleaner, healthier, and more profitable place to reside in.  

Recycling Creates A Circular Economy in Phoenix

Phoenix is looking to create zero waste through participation in the “Circular Economy” by 2050.  In short, a circular economy is a way individuals and businesses can recycle, purchase recycled goods and materials, and recycle again.  This allows for all parties involved to secure jobs, gain profit, and contribute to a greener environment.

How Will Phoenix Contribute To the Recycling Economy?

  • By increasing the number of recyclable products through local businesses.  At the 91 Ave Waste Transfer Station, the City of Phoenix has created the Resource Innovation Campus to help support new businesses and offer all essential resources.  The Transfer Station also assembled a compost facility for sustainable green waste.
  • By removing commonly recycled products from everyday waste by expanding the current recycling program.  This will also help to reduce the number of non-recyclable products from the city’s recycling bins.  The city will guide the community via advertisements, public education, and programs geared toward increasing the residents of Phoenix’s access to recycling services.
  • By encouraging products to be made with recyclable materials or have the ability to be repurposed after use within the retail industry.

Your Business Can Start Now

If you own or operate a manufacturing business in Maricopa County, now is the time to start recycling scrap metals.  Recycling scrap metals helps to create revenue for your business, is less expensive to manufacture already recycled materials, and you will be making the choice to contribute to a circular economy.  Your customer base will appreciate you taking the steps toward a sustainable future.

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