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Why is Industrial Metal Recycling Important for Your Phoenix Business?

If you’re a business owner in the Phoenix area, you’ve probably noticed a huge surge in the rise of industrial and manufacturing companies. This means there is a higher demand for materials, which results in more and more scrap metals. Recycling scrap metal in Phoenix is incredibly important for many reasons. It’s profitable, can save your business money, and is the eco-friendly choice.

Phoenix Businesses Can Save Money & Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling industrial & commercial scrap metal can help to not only save your business money but can also get a great return on dropping off your unwanted scrap. Construction companies may have huge steel beans leftover from structures or electricians could come across a lot of copper wiring scraps on the job that may get tossed. These can both result in money back into the business’ hands. In addition to making money, you can save money by buying recycled materials. When your business needs to purchase material for production, buying recycled cuts the cost down immensely. Mining for raw extracted ore can be very steep in prices.

Recycling Helps the Phoenix Community Reduces Landfill Waste

Scrap metal recycling allows for a business to reuse a valuable resource while reducing the amount of ore mining needed going forward. Just like any other type of non-biodegradable trash, metals such as copper, steel, aluminum, and brass can unnecessarily end up in landfills. By both purchasing and recycling your metal scraps, you can help to keep landfills clear of valuable metals.

Scrap Metal is Easy to Find

Scrap metal is everywhere! Take a look around at some of your company’s typical recycling/trash areas and you’ll likely find that there is some hidden treasures. So many unexpected items could easily head to a large scrap metal recycling facility. Piping, residential and restaurant appliances, brass fixtures, car parts, electronics, metal shavings, off-cuts, and heating/cooling systems all can be brought in to recycle.

Metal Recycling is Great for the Environment

It’s really important to take the recycling route for environmental reasons as well. It not only helps to reduce landfill material, as mentioned earlier, but by recycling scrap metal and purchasing recycled metals, it helps cut down on mining practices. We know that mining for raw materials is really expensive, but it also takes a major toll on our natural environments.

Gain Customer Support by Sharing that Your Company Recycles!

Did you know that many Phoenix customers will choose between companies or products based on the company’s commitment to the environment and sustainable practices? It’s true! Let your customers know that you recycle! Create a website announcement, share it on your social media accounts or through an email newsletter.

Contact Consolidated Resources Inc for a Custom Metal Recycling Program

CRI has been proudly serving the Phoenix manufacturing community since 1990. With our extensive fleet of trucks, we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to your company’s individual service needs. By choosing to recycle your industrial scrap metal, you gain a wealth of benefits including – increasing profits, increasing customer loyalty, reducing landfill waste, and preserving our environment. Our friendly staff is waiting to take your call.

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