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Industrial Metal Recycling Helps Phoenix Manufacturers

Phoenix’s economy is currently booming Despite the economic challenges the world has faced in recent years, as of 2019, Arizona was ranked second in the nation in job growth.  Phoenix also has the title of the second fastest-growing state by population, the income growth rate is 8.4%.  Companies such as Intel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), APEL Extrusions, and Electra Mechanica have all made relocation or expansion plans within the city of Phoenix.  The CyberStates 2021 report released by Comptia predicted significant growth within the technology industry of Phoenix and ranked second place in diversity. 

That being said, with an influx of businesses, comes responsibility among these booming industries to take care of their waste properly.  Industrial and large-scale recycling is not only important for the environment but can also be incredibly beneficial for businesses and the community.

Industrial Recycling Benefit #1: Lower Carbon Footprint

One of the most common reasons individuals or businesses recycle is to help and preserve the environment.  When you run a huge manufacturing operation and create or manufacture products with metals, recycling is that much more important. 

When raw or virgin metal is excavated from the earth it is called mining.  After doing this over and over throughout the years, the areas being mined will become depleted of their resources.  Recycling metal that already exists helps to reduce the damage mining takes on the environment.  Pollution  from mining can also take a serious toll on the earth. Nearby waterways may take on toxic runoff from mines which can destroy the water, soil, air, and wildlife whose natural habitat has been disturbed. 

Industrial Recycling Benefit #2: Boost the Economy

Did you know that by recycling, you can help shift government spending toward more eco-friendly and admirable programs?  This means that less money is spent on mining, and more can be put towards important works such as programs that help individuals directly as well as the economy.  When recycled metals are exported, more money is generated and can fuel job growth to improve the livelihood of our communities.  $236 billion is generated annually by the recycling industry and it employs more than 1 million workers according to the National Recycling Coalition.

Industrial Recycling Benefit #3: Help Clear our Landfills

Making the decision to recycle can help clear unnecessary waste and metals from landfills.  It’s so easy to make the decision to recycle within the city of Phoenix when businesses can see the direct impact waste has on communities and the planet.  Metals can be repurposed for just about anything these days.  Industrial and small-scale scrap recycling is important for environmental, financial, and economic reasons and can help to provide manufacturers with metals for everyday uses.

Industrial Recycling Benefit #4: Save Your Phoenix Business $$

It’s much more cost-effective to use recycled metals rather than raw ore metals.  There’s a large supply of it in the industry right now and it’s financially rewarding to recycle scrap metals which in turn helps manufacturers reduce their production costs.  The financial incentive for industrial scrap metal recycling is not only for industrial production but for domestic consumers as well.  It’s a win-win for businesses and consumers alike.

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