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Support a Circular Economy by Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

A Circular Economy

Do you own or operate a manufacturing business within Phoenix?  If so, by simply recycling your scrap metal you can directly boost the economy with this sustainable practice.  This creates a “circular economy.”  Think of the recycling logo, it’s continuous and that’s what happens when metal recycling is paired with lowering one’s carbon footprint.  What we often see in our society is the open-loop method which is bound to fail.  Goods on the market are produced, used by consumers, and wasted (i.e. may end up in landfills, or combustion facilities). 

Metals, however, can be recycled over and over again and the most common recyclable metals do not lose their qualities over time.  This reduces the need for mining for raw ore which directly implicates the environment by conserving our natural resources.  By working these eco-friendly choices with low-waste practices, your Phoenix business will be on its way to helping us build a strong circular economy that benefits everyone living in Phoenix.

Boost the Economy by Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling industrial or manufacturing waste can contribute to the circular economy by bringing in new job opportunities for all people involved.  Recycling contributes to wages and government tax revenue as well.  There are more recycling opportunities out there than landfill jobs and this means bringing work to the people of Maricopa County and throughout the country. 

Community and economic benefits include boosting economic security via supporting American manufacturing efforts, using domestic materials, and creating jobs in the recycling, manufacturing, and industrial industries.

Quick Data on Scrap Metal and the Economy

  • Scrap metal makes up for $90 billion in economic activity within the United States alone.
    • Scrap metal recycling is not only great for the planet and economy, your business can save money and make money in return by this easy practice.
  • Recycled steel used as a raw material makes up for 40% of worldwide steel production.
    • According to the World Steel Association, there are 3,500 different grades of steel.  Carbon steels account for 90% of total steel production.  You can find this within the construction industry and larger projects such as pipelines, bridges, and skyscrapers.  Alloy steels are found in auto parts, electric motors, rails, and construction equipment.
  • North America is the largest consumer market for recycled goods.
    • This allows us to start within the community and the efforts will build outwards.  Sooner or later, our open loop practices will get closer to the desired circular economy.
  • The Global Recycled Metal Market is expected to grow approximately 4% between 2022-2029.
    • Consumers like to hear about your business’ sustainability efforts, and they will dig for the truth.  Jump on the bandwagon now and help to contribute towards a growing economy and greener planet while saving on costs and pleasing your loyal customers while doing so. 

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