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Recycling Aluminum Scrap Metal in Phoenix, Arizona

Aluminum, an alloy, is made by melting down two or more elements together.  Part non-metal and part metal, these variations of aluminum can be made with a mix of iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, or silicon.  Aluminum is found just about everywhere, and if you operate a Phoenix manufacturing company, you are bound to see it. 

Aluminum recycling can help to boost the economy, bring jobs and community services to Maricopa County, preserve natural resources, and can save your business money on materials and production costs.  The aluminum industry pays out close to a billion dollars for recycled cans each year.  Recycling helps the community thrive because this money can help to support local recycling programs.

Where Can I Find Scrap Aluminum?

Cans are not the only place to find aluminum to recycle, your manufacturing company may be producing aluminum scrap that is highly valuable!  Aluminum can be found within forms of transportation (ie. car, train, airplane parts).  It can also be found in common construction products like window and door frames, siding and gutters, wiring, and even bicycles.

Your company may not have large pieces of aluminum scrap – that’s ok! Shavings and small scraps of aluminum, such as those from the machining process, can also be recycled! CRI will provide appropriately sized bins for the size and amount of scrap metal your Phoenix business creates, and we collect it on a schedule you deem convenient. With our extensive fleet of trucks, we are in control of all aspects of transportation. This gives us the necessary flexibility to react quickly to your service needs.

Aluminum can be recycled for an infinite amount of time without losing any of its crucial properties.  It’s considered one of the more sustainable metals for this reason. If your business includes aluminum in its processes -it would be wise to explore the value of your industrial scrap metal. 

Save Energy by Recycling Aluminum

By choosing to recycle aluminum scrap metal, you are automatically reducing your carbon footprint.  When you purchase inventory, machinery, etc. that’s already recycled, no new metal needs to be mined in order for you to run your business.  Recycling aluminum saves 90-95% of the energy needed than it would be to use raw materials.  In fact, the energy saved by recycling one single aluminum can is enough to power a television set for three hours.

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