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Support a Circular Economy by Recycling Industrial Scrap Metal

A Circular Economy Do you own or operate a manufacturing business within Phoenix?  If so, by simply recycling your scrap metal you can directly boost the economy with this sustainable practice.  This creates a “circular economy.”  Think of the recycling […]

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Steel Grades and Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

Do you own and operate a manufacturing business within the Maricopa county community?  It’s important for businesses in Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, Surprise, & Peoria to understand the details of metals to take advantage of scrap metal recycling.  It’s always a win-win […]

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How to Choose the Right Industrial Scrap Metals to Recycle

Do you run a Maricopa County manufacturing company and are looking to recycle your scrap metal? We will help walk you through the benefits of recycling and how to go about choosing the right pieces to bring in.  Recycling will […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling Contributes to the Economy

Does your Phoenix Manufacturing Company Recycle its Scrap Metal? Scrap metal recycling provides endless benefits including: keeping a greener planet, less expensive costs for production, cuts down on energy consumption, and boosts the economy.  Recycling Scrap Metal Creates Jobs Taking […]

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Earth Day 2022: Preserve the Planet by Recycling

Earth Day 2022: Preserve the Planet by Recycling

Celebrated Earth day by Adding a Recycling Program to your Phoenix Company’s Business Plan Recycling will not only financially benefit your Arizona-based company but recycling will allow you to contribute to a greener earth! Did you know that scrap metal […]

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A Tech Revolution in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is becoming one of the nation’s leading cities in technology and software.  Becoming a landscape for innovative and cutting edge tech companies, there are endless opportunities for sustainability efforts within Maricopa County.  Meeting space is always something to be […]

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Let Your Customers Know That Your Phoenix Company is Sustainable!

If your Phoenix business practices sustainability, let your supporters and any soon-to-be customers know!  Consumers do a lot of digging these days to ensure sustainability via clean products, biodegradability, recycled materials, and delivery methods.  If your manufacturing company recycles its […]

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Maricopa County’s Booming Businesses

Tech Industry Booming in Maricopa County Some are saying that Phoenix and the Maricopa County area is the new Silicon Valley.  105 companies from Arizona made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing firms in 2019.  Pulling in about the same […]

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Why is Industrial Metal Recycling Important for Your Phoenix Business?

If you’re a business owner in the Phoenix area, you’ve probably noticed a huge surge in the rise of industrial and manufacturing companies. This means there is a higher demand for materials, which results in more and more scrap metals. […]

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Where Can I Find Scrap Metal Within my Phoenix Business?

Do You Own or Operate an Industrial or Commercial Business in the Phoenix Metro Area?  If you do, your establishment might benefit from recycling scrap metal left over from the manufacturing or construction process.  Scrap metal yards like Consolidated Resources, […]

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