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We’re Hiring Warehouse General Laborers!

We are currently looking for full-time, scrap metal recycling / general laborers to join our team! Hiring: Scrap Metal Recyclers / Warehouse General Laborers  Warehouse   CRI, a leading industrial scrap metal recycler, is seeking a full- time warehouse worker to join […]

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recycling alloys in phoenix az

What are Alloys? Scrap Metal Recycling Insights

Alloys are metallic compounds made by melting two or more elements together.  One of these elements will always be a metal and the others may be made up of non-metal elements. Even if an alloy contains non-metallic elements, it retains […]

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Arizona Industrial & Commercial Recycling

Top 5 reasons why your business should recycle copper 

Copper is a highly sought after metal in the scrap metal recycling industry. The reason copper is sought after is because it does not degrade significantly during the recycling process.  Nearly as much copper is recycled as is mined each […]

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brass metal recycling arizona

Top 5 reasons why your business should recycle brass

Brass is an alloy, which is typically made up of a combination of copper and zinc.  It is quite heavy, yellowish in color with a hint of red in it.  The brass recycling process is simply when scrap brass is […]

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most common recycled metal is steel

The Most Commonly Recycled Scrap Metal 

Did you know that steel is the most commonly recycled metal used on the planet? It is found in automobiles, home furnishings, and everyday food packaging.  Steel is also used in huge industrial projects as well, such as bridge construction, […]

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recycling industrial scrap metal pheonix

The Top 5 Industries that Produce Scrap Metal

There are many different places scrap metal can come from.  Whether it’s a discarded washer and dryer, beams from an old building, or excess metal from a bridge.  Wherever these scraps come from however, it’s important to make sure they […]

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Ferrous vs non-ferrous scrap metal

The Difference Between Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals have value in today’s market. Consolidated Resources, Inc., is Arizona’s expert in optimizing industrial waste streams for the industrial and commercial community. Here’s a quick guide to determine if you’re company creates ferrous or […]

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steel bridge

The Wonderful World of Steel – Identifying & Recycling

At Consolidated Resources, Inc., we believe it’s important to educate our current and future customers about the materials they can recycle. Many business owners aren’t aware of the financial & environmental benefits of recycling their metal scrap. In this article […]

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How to Reduce Electronic Waste?

Our world today is dominated by technology and electronics. Companies are now competing to release the next greatest product that will make our lives easier and are constantly outdoing the last product. This constant innovation and development of new products […]

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10 Effects of Littering on Animals and Environment

If you have ever driven down the highway, took a walk along the lakeshore or even walked through the city streets, you have seen littering firsthand. Discarded waste either on purpose or by accident, littering is an eyesore to the […]

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