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High Value of Scrap Metal in Phoenix

Does your Phoenix Commercial or Industrial Business Produce Scrap Metal?  Scrap metal can be hidden in many places and can save your business money via aluminum, brass, wire scraps, copper, and more.  The two main groupings of metals are ferrous […]

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Recycling metal scrap in phoenix, arizona

5 Reasons Phoenix Manufacturers Should be Recycling their Scrap Metal

Phoenix Manufacturers can Greatly Benefit from Recycling Scrap Metal Metals are incredibly easy to recycle and reuse.  When Phoenix manufacturers recycle scrap metals, there are unlimited opportunities for new uses of that metal without the need for mining new metal […]

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titaium bicycle frame - recycling scrap metal

Industrial Scrap Metal: Recycling Titanium

Titanium is a non-ferrous metal, which means it does not contain iron.  It is just as strong as steel but less dense.  It has a very high melting point and is extremely durable. Titanium works with other metals such as […]

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recycling cobalt alloys

5 Products that Contain Cobalt Alloy

It’s important to recycle cobalt alloys whenever possible. The US Dept of Energy declared cobalt a critical metal in 2011. Here are five common products that contain this metal.

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titanium scrap metal in lacross stick production

Interesting Facts about Titanium

First discovered in 1791 by British clergyman and mineralogist Rev. William Gregor, titanium has proved to become an incredibly important metal for our everyday lives. Gregor first stumbled upon some black, metallic sand in a creek bed. After thoroughly analyzing […]

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cri flatbed rolloff waste management

We’re Hiring: Class A CDL Drivers Needed for Flatbed & Roll Off

Job Description We currently have two ROLL-OFF driver positions and one FLATBED driver position open for immediate hire. Experience preferred. The ROLL-OFF position requires experience driving a truck with a manual transmission. Starting wage is negotiable depending on experience. ABOUT […]

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industrial metal scrap recycling

What Industries Produce Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten is known as one of the toughest materials found in nature.  It is very dense and nearly impossible to melt.  When made into a fine powder, pure tungsten can be combustible and can spontaneously ignite.  Natural tungsten contains 21 […]

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hiring recycling laborers phoenix az

We’re Hiring Recycling Laborers!

We are currently looking for full-time, scrap recycling / general laborers to join our team! Hiring: Scrap Recyclers / Warehouse General Laborers Warehouse   CRI, a leading industrial scrap metal recycler, is seeking a full- time warehouse worker to join our Team […]

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arizona tungsten recycler


Even though there isn’t a W in the word, Tungsten’s chemical symbol is a W.  The W comes from the element’s other name, wolfram, which comes from the mineral the element was discovered in, wolframite. Tungsten carbide is a term […]

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aluminum metal shreds - scrap metal recycling phoenix az

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Recycle Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum is an alloy which is a compound made by melting two or more elements together.  One element is metal and the rest consists of non-metal elements.  Aluminum can be a combination of iron, magnesium, silicon, copper, or zinc.  Easily […]

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