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phoenix manufacturing and tech industry booming

Maricopa County’s Booming Businesses

Tech Industry Booming in Maricopa County Some are saying that Phoenix and the Maricopa County area is the new Silicon Valley.  105 companies from Arizona made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing firms in 2019.  Pulling in about the same […]

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factory metal shavings for recycling

Why is Industrial Metal Recycling Important for Your Phoenix Business?

If you’re a business owner in the Phoenix area, you’ve probably noticed a huge surge in the rise of industrial and manufacturing companies. This means there is a higher demand for materials, which results in more and more scrap metals. […]

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recycling industrial scrap metal in phoenix az

Where Can I Find Scrap Metal Within my Phoenix Business?

Do You Own or Operate an Industrial or Commercial Business in the Phoenix Metro Area?  If you do, your establishment might benefit from recycling scrap metal left over from the manufacturing or construction process.  Scrap metal yards like Consolidated Resources, […]

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brass metal recycling arizona

Maximize the Value of Your Industrial Scrap Metal With CRI

Do you have an industrial business located in Phoenix, Arizona?  Perhaps your company produces copper piping or wiring, or you may have large steel beams that would otherwise go to waste.  Learn how to properly recycle your scrap metals with […]

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phoenix commercial metal recycling

What Does the Industrial Recycling Process Look Like?

The metal recycling process has quite a few steps. Industrial businesses in Phoenix understand that these steps are incredibly important for the environment, the price point of their products, and to help boost the economy. So how is metal recycled […]

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manufacturing in phoenix arizona

Industrial Metal Recycling Helps Phoenix Manufacturers

Phoenix’s economy is currently booming.  Despite the economic challenges the world has faced in recent years, as of 2019, Arizona was ranked second in the nation in job growth.  Phoenix also has the title of the second fastest-growing state by […]

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recycling scrap metal in Maricopa County

Benefits of Recycling for Maricopa County Businesses 

Maricopa County is seeing a huge surge of manufacturing companies   The pandemic brought a change in business structure and employment throughout the area however, according to the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), manufacturing jobs increased from 134,800 to 135,400 […]

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recycling aluminum industrial scrap metal phoenix

Phoenix Arizona Sees Rapid Manufacturing Growth

The greater Phoenix region is experiencing an ever-growing expansion of manufacturing companies.  Continuing to increase, Phoenix currently has more than 2,800 companies and 138,000 industry employees operating within the area.  These numbers are looking to increase to 4% by 2025.  […]

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Phoenix manufacturing scrap metal recycling

High Value of Scrap Metal in Phoenix

Does your Phoenix Commercial or Industrial Business Produce Scrap Metal?  Scrap metal can be hidden in many places and can save your business money via aluminum, brass, wire scraps, copper, and more.  The two main groupings of metals are ferrous […]

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Recycling metal scrap in phoenix, arizona

5 Reasons Phoenix Manufacturers Should be Recycling their Scrap Metal

Phoenix Manufacturers can Greatly Benefit from Recycling Scrap Metal Metals are incredibly easy to recycle and reuse.  When Phoenix manufacturers recycle scrap metals, there are unlimited opportunities for new uses of that metal without the need for mining new metal […]

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